Hope for U.S. Veterans


Worklife Institute

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The First Hope for U.S. Veterans'

IT Certification Class

Prairie View A&M's Northwest Campus

October, 2017 - September, 2018

Keynote Speaker - Former First Lady Laura Bush

November 13, 2017

Part of Kathy and George Malveaux's

Ministry to Veterans

A small portion of our monthly Panera bread drop off for us to distribute to veterans!



Joint Reserve Center at Ellington

Benefits Day

Veteran Success Stories

One of our featured Veterans recently retired after 30 years of service. She completed Worklife Institute's Basic and Advanced Mediation courses. Her service-connected injuries and autoimmune deficiencies precluded her from continuing in her logistics and maintenance specialty, so she needed a new profession in which she could use her organizational and government knowledge in a less strenuous setting. Shortly after graduating from our mediation training program she called with exciting news that she had won a government contractor project management position overseas. She reported that she loves the work which involves negotiations, and is able to fly back and forth to the U.S. She is now in the process of setting up an LLC to provide mentoring and coaching using her mediation skills when she returns to the states after her contract ends.

Attendee Breakout Session

Create a Mapof the Military Caregivers' Journey

Hidden Heroes Convening

November, 13, 2017

Outreach by Community Partners 

Medical Reserve Units at Ellington

Christmas Family Day

Wells Fargo's presentation of Christmas gift cards to Veteran Families at Worklife.

Panera Bread Donates for Veterans

Kathy and George pick up huge quantities of bread and pastries and carry it to Worklife and others for distribution

Our next featured veteran had served as a senior radiology technologist for 20 years. Most of his tours of duty were overseas. While serving, he completed a Master of Administration in Health Care and was assigned as an instructor. However, vocationally he wanted to have direct client contact. At Worklife Institute we put him through a comprehensive career direction discernment process using executive outplacement-level assessment tools which helped him confirm that he wanted his new career to take him down the path of public benevolence nonprofit and direct patient care. We then helped him completely retool his resume and employer search to transfer his skill sets into civilian terms. Once he finished terminal leave he was offered a high paying job within a nonprofit organization which was perfectly aligned with his goals.

Cooperative Training Program

National Events 


Elizabeth Dole Foundation

Washington, D.C.

Hidden Heroes Convening

November, 12-14, 2017

Texas Medial Center

Veteran Employees Apprecition Breakfast

 November 15, 2017

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Wells Fargo gives a Veteran

Rodeo Tickets and parking passes at Worklife.

Community Activities and Success Stories

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The Houston 5K Walk for Mental Health Awareness


Hidden Heroes Convening

November, 13, 2017

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