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Well Fargo's presentation of gift cards to Veterans at Worklife.

Well Fargo's giving a Veteran Rodeo Tickets at Worklife.

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Entrepreneur Training

One of our 2016 classes

Community Activities and Success Stories

Featured Veteran Success Story

Our featured Veteran served 18 years in the U.S. Army. She was deployed twice, serving as both a chemical operations and a unit supply specialist. Her service to our country resulted in several combat related injuries that made her employment as a medical professional on night shift difficult. That combined with the demands of being a single mother with an autistic child brought her to Worklife.

Here she was able to take advantage of our career assessments, mediation training, Wednesday transition series, and our one on one career counseling. This enabled her to focus on her long-standing interest in educational instruction. After finding her direction she completed a targeted resume enabling her to obtain a position with Harris County Correctional Facility as a GED teacher.

The new position was close to her home and the new hours coincide with her son’s school hours. We are thrilled to see her in a position that brought about work/life balance for her and her family.

Resume Tips

This past year we saw many of the Veterans at Worklife go through one of the entrepreneur training programs. 

People Fund/People Vet Entrepreneur Training One of our 2016 classess

Entrepreneur Training 

Mediation Training