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One of our 2016 classes

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Featured Veteran Success Story

Our featured Veteran recently retired after 30 years of service, she completed Worklife Institute's Basic and Advanced Mediation courses. Her service-connected injuries and autoimmune deficiencies precluded her from continuing in her logistics and maintenance specialty, so she needed a new profession in which she could use her organizational and government knowledge in a less strenuous setting. Shortly after graduating from our mediation training program she called with exciting news that she had won a government contractor project management position in Cairo, Egypt. She reported that she loves the work which involves negotiations, and is able to fly back and forth to the U.S. She is now in the process of setting up an LLC to provide mentoring and coaching using her mediation skills when she returns.

Outreach by Community Partners 

Well Fargo's presentation of gift cards to Veterans at Worklife.

This past year we saw many of the Veterans at Worklife go through one of the entrepreneur training programs. 

People Fund/People Vet Entrepreneur Training July 2017 class

Entrepreneur Training 

Mediation Training

Well Fargo's giving a Veteran

Rodeo Tickets at Worklife.