Business And Professional Ethics

  • Corporate in-house program development
  • Ethics workshops for managers and employees
  • Professional ethics relicenseing seminars for licensed professionals, including attorneys and employee counselors

Conflict Resolution And Mediation

  • Intervention for resolution of business and employee-related conflicts
  • Company Mediation Program development
  • Training in Mediation and conflict communication skills. Check out

           “Mediation Training, Other Courses and Seminars"

Corporate Consultation

and training

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Transforming Houston's Work Life Since 1988

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Consultation and training for health and safety personnel
  • Safety Reporting Systems development and updating
  • Employee workshops and workplace / lifestyle health and safety

Employee Assistance Programs

  • Employee Assistance Programs design and service provision
  • Provider for national external employee assistance programs – Houston area affiliate EAP service

EEOC Compliance

  • Consultation on policy development / updating and communicationVA Pic 2
  • Workshops for manager and employees on proactive problem prevention

Leadership And Change Management

  • Consultation and training for company quality and continuous improvement programs
  • Leadership and change management training

Career Transition

  • Outplacement services for companies to serve individuals and groups of employees
  • Counseling and mentoring for individuals considering career and job change
  • Career and life transition workshops for groups

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