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Career Transition / Outplacement Services

For companies that contract with Worklife Institute and for private clients in the Greater Houston area. Major experience gained during the years of corporate layoffs in the Houston area informed the design of our transitioning veterans program. Dr. Dale is a master trainer with the CPP SkillsOne career assessment tools, and we continually assess new transition tools for best practices. All staff members receive continuing in-service training in transition processes.

Employee Assistance Programs
Introducing an innovative and economical quality-of-worklife program specifically designed to meet the needs of small and mid-sized companies. Life does not stop for work. That is why there are Employee Assistance Programs or EAPs.  Challenges faced in personal life and work life interact causing stress and a desire to bring about positive change.

Corporate Consultation / Organizational Development
In addition to Executive Career Transition and Outplacement services, Business and Professional Ethics, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Occupational Health and Safety, Employee Assistance Programs, EEOC Compliance, Leadership and Change Management.

Professional Certification Training Courses / Corporate Training
Alternative Dispute Resolution / Mediation Training; Entrepreneur and business development training; Workplace Team Building and Meeting Facilitation Training.

Veterans and their Families Worklife Transition
The end of your military service contract can arrive quicker than you expect. It can catch you off guard emotionally and financially. We know the challenges that you are experiencing and we are here for you. When you walk through our door you won’t find a line to stand in. There are no red machines to dispense a number, no cubicles, and there are no fees. We offer the hospitality of a caring and experienced staff, a full refrigerator, computers, office equipment, and the comfort of your own work environment.

The Veterans Program includes professional career transition and development programs, personal and professional development workshops, services to support successful career sustainability, support services for families, and outreach events such as job fairs and hiring events.

Worklife Institute’s career development program includes cooperative training programs in SolidWorks technology through GoEngineer and Entrepreneurship training with the University of Texas Pan American Project. We also provide personal and family counseling, legal and financial advisement, and referral to a number of partner organizations who provide additional services to our veterans.

Military Caregivers

This project focuses on the empowerment and well-being of military caregivers through Professional Development while also enhancing your sense of success in handling your family and caregiving commitments.

Services include: Discernment for Caregivers about vocational direction and need for additional training, then paths to meet your career goals; consultations in person and by phone with licensed counselors, mediators and human resource experts to help resolve workplace and life balance problems; support services including peer to peer sharing and facilitation, affinity interest clusters, online services, databases, company and military employee network groups; opportunities for retreat gatherings at facilities throughout the regiona and self-care enrichment programs.

Worklife Institute’s Texas Alliance of Military Women
(TAMW) is a community within The Texas Veterans Transition Program that has been especially designed to meet the unique situations faced be female veterans, spouses and survivors who are united by the shared experiences and challenges of military life. In addition to the programs offered by the Institute, TAMW provides valuable ongoing resources, encouragement, and mentorship.

We welcome all women veterans, spouses, and survivors in the Southeast Texas (Houston) region to join our community. We will be hosting a variety of workshops and events in an effort to provide relevant bridges of support and encouragement. We are a community coordinated by a Leadership Circle of Women.