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Transforming Houston's Work Life Since 1988

  • Outplacement / Career Transition Services for companies that contract with Worklife Institute and for private clients in the Greater Houston area. Major experience gained during the years of corporate layoffs in the Houston area informed the design of our transitioning veterans program. Dr. Dale is a master trainer with the Meyers Briggs Company career assessment tools, and we continually assess new transition tools for best practices. All staff members receive continuing in-service training in transition processes.

  • Example:  WI has recently been contacted by two companies planning layoffs soon who have asked for a proposal for outplacement services to be delivered at Worklife Institute’s Resource Center.​

OutplacEment / Career Transition Services

Supporting Individuals… 

Career Transition Seminars  

Informational Workshops & Job Search Focus Groups

Life Transition Counseling to Support You Through Change

Career Transition Services

Personalized consultation and coaching

Taking Stock – Personal Values and Needs

Preparing and Updating Resumes

Envisioning Options and Next Career Steps

Researching Jobs and Companies

Designing Cover Letters

Assessing Work History and Situation


Practicing for Interviews

Reality Checking and Decision Making

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