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Elizabeth Dole Foundation - Hidden Heroes

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Swords to Plowshares Foundation

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Worklife Institute Board of Directors

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We thank you if you decide to donate to  the Worklife Institute. We greatly appreciate your partnership with the Institute in our outreach programs to meet the needs of working people and to enhance the quality of their places of work. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit resource center that serves all regardless of their ability to pay, we depend on ongoing supporters such as yourself to be partners with us in this vital work.

The Institute continues to develop its quality-of-worklife services, including career and life transition assistance, employee counseling, change management consultation for company managers, and continuing education in workplace conflict resolution, business ethics and employee assistance issues.

We also have a major program to assist Texas military service veterans and their families readjust to civilian life and gain the training and jobs they need to be contributing members of their communities.

Thank you again for your much-needed support of Worklife Institute’s programs. Please encourage your colleagues to become acquainted with the Institute and lend their support.

Transforming Houston's Work Life Since 1988

Elizabeth Dole Foundation

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