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Veterans and their Family Worklife Transition:
This program serves military families from all eras of service. It works with transitioning military personnel as they prepare to leave the military and return to civilian life, as well as assisting National Guard and Reserve members as they return from activation and deployments and need to reenter the civilian workforce. The program also serves veterans and their families as they enter new phases of their lives, including new employment opportunities and retirement pursuits.

The professional career transition program includes discernment about career path, assessing interests, knowledge and skills, followed by decisions about the need for further education and certifications or heading directly into the employment process. The aim of the program is to encourage and support career paths that are satisfying and upwardly sustainable, as well as providing for strengthening family and civic lives for veteran families.

Successful career transition is supported by personal and family counseling and legal and financial advisement, weekly transition workshops, longer courses including entrepreneurship and mediation, and facilitated referrals to external training programs, hiring and benefits events. Worklife works with a large network of community-based veterans service programs and the VA to provide personal access to additional resources to assist your transition.

The Worklife Institute Resource Center, located in an easily-accessible office park in the central Houston Galleria Area, provides a welcoming and empowering environment for the program. The Center includes training facilities, a veterans’ resource room and library, lounge and other gathering areas, open kitchen, computer workstations, and more. The Center is family and child-friendly and handicap-accessible, with ample visitor parking around the building and in the attached garage. 

Worklife Institute’s Texas Alliance of Military Women (TAMW):
(TAMW) is a community within the Veterans and Family Program that has been especially designed to meet the unique situations faced be female veterans, spouses and survivors who are united by the shared experiences and challenges of military life. In addition to the programs offered by the Institute, TAMW provides valuable ongoing resources, encouragement, and mentorship.

We welcome all women veterans, spouses, caregivers and survivors in the Southeast Texas (Houston) region to join our community. We will be hosting a variety of workshops and events in an effort to provide relevant bridges of support and encouragement. We are a community coordinated by a Leadership Circle of Women.

Military Caregivers Empowerment and Professional Development Program:
This project focuses on the empowerment and well-being of military caregivers through Professional Development while also enhancing your sense of success in handling your family and caregiving commitments.

Services include: Discernment for Caregivers about vocational direction and need for additional training, then paths to meet your career goals; consultations in person and by phone with licensed counselors, mediators and human resource experts to help resolve workplace and life balance problems; support services including peer to peer sharing and facilitation, affinity interest clusters, online services, databases, company and military employee network groups; opportunities for retreat gatherings at facilities throughout the region and self-care enrichment programs.

Entrepreneurship Program:

This program includes a rich variety of resources for veterans to explore whether they wish to pursue their dream of owning their own companies and provides tools to help them successfully develop their enterprises. Worklife Institute partners with the Small Business Administration’s Veteran Business Outreach Center to provide twice a year training programs, with the Texas Veterans Commission Entrepreneurship Program, with PeopleFund/PeopleVet and LiftFund, and other entrepreneur support services. For those who have gotten their businesses underway, we convene a monthly Veteran CEO Roundtable.


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